10 Astonishingly Magnificent Official Residences in the World
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10 Astonishingly Magnificent Official Residences in the World

Official residences from around the world are usually called “palaces”. Some official residences of heads of state are extremely gigantic and superbly beautiful. Some official residences are not too huge but they are elegantly captivating uniquely designed and decorated. Here are some of the most beautifully designed and expensively and lavishly decorated.

Undoubtedly, the White House in Washington D.C. - the official residence of the the president of the United States of America, is one of the most popular and most elegantly designed and decorated official residences of head of state. if you'll travel around the world, you'll discover that the offical residences of royal families are among the most beautiful and lavishly decorated. Here are some of the most astoundingly elegant official residences from around the world - most of them are located in Europe.

1. Amalienborg Palace – Denmark

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The Danish Royal Family has several royal palaces and one of them is the Amalienborg Palace – the royal family’s winter home. This elegant palace with rococo interiors is located in the country’s capital – Copenhagen.

2. Adbeen Palace – Egypt

Image Source

One of the most luxurious and most expensive official residences in the world is the Abdeen Palace of Egypt. Its cost is 2.7 million Egyptian pounds. It is one of the official residences of the president of Egypt. It also served as the major workplace of the head of state. It is located in the country’s capital – Cairo. This impressive palace is regarded as one of the world’s most sumptuous palaces in terms of its adornments, paintings, and large number of clocks decorated with pure gold. It has 500 rooms and costs more than 2.7 million Egyptian pounds.

3. Tokyo Imperial Palace – Japan

Image Source

The official and main residence of the Japanese imperial family is the Tokyo Imperial Palace. It is located in the country’s capital – Tokyo. It contains many edifices and has an area of 3.41 km². The value of the ground of the palace is among the most expensive in the world.

4. Kremlin – Russia

Image Source

The official residence of the president of Russia is the fabulous and elegant Moscow Kremlin which is located in Moscow, the capital of the country. This complex includes four palaces, four cathedrals and towers.

5. Drottningholm Palace – Sweden

Image Source

The private residence of the Royal Family of Sweden is the Drottningholm Palace. It is situated on the island of Lovon in Drottningholm. This 400 year-old edifice is a popular tourist attraction.

6. Lany Castle – Czech

Image Source

The lovely Lany Castle, which is located in Central Bohemian region, is the summer residence of Czech presidents.

7. Euxinograd – Bulgaria

Image Source

The former royal summer palace of Bulgarian monarchs is Euxinograde. It is presently the governmental and presidential retreat that hosts cabinet meetings during summer.

8. Royal Palace of Brussels – Belgium

Image Source

The official residence of the king of Belgium is the Royal Palace of Brussels. It is located in Brussels, the country’s capital although in reality the royal residence of the king and his family is the Laeken Royal Castle.

9. Fredensborg Palace – Denmark

Image Source

The spring and autumn residence of the Danish Royal Family is the Fredensborg Palace. It is located on the island of Zealand. The palace is the most used of the Royal Family’s residences.

10. Bellevue Palace – Germany

Image Source

The official residence of the president of Germany is the amazingly beautiful Schloss Bellevue or Bellevue Palace. It is located in the country’s capital – Berlin. Its name means beautiful view.

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