Colorfully Unique and Weird Statues of the World
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Colorfully Unique and Weird Statues of the World

Here are some of the worldÂ’s most unusual, unique, weird and even freak statues you may havenÂ’t seen yet.

Anywhere you go in the world you’ll surely find a statue. It could be a statue of an animal or most often a human statue. A statue of a hero, a well-known person or a symbolic icon is more probably the one you’ll find when you visit new places. And they’re usually situated at the town or city center.

The statues of the Christ the Redeemer, Liberty, Great Sphinx, Buddha are just some of the world’s most popular statues. Here are some of the world’s most unusual, unique, weird and even freak statues you may haven’t seen yet.

1.) The Broken Christ – Mexico

Image Source

This is certainly a unique statue- a statue of Jesus Christ without an arm and a leg. This peculiar monument of the Redeemer can be found in San Jose de Gracia, Aguascalientes in Mexico, one of the largest Catholic countries in the world. This monumental structure with a height of 25 meters was completed in 2006 and stands over a 3 meter tall pedestal making its total height at 28 meters.

2.) Chinmaya Ganadhish – India

Image Source

This peculiar statue called Chinmaya Ganadhish depicts Lord Ganesha, one of the deities best-known and most widely worshipped in the Hindu pantheon. This strange-looking statue is located in Kolhapur, Maharashtra in India. This statue which is 26 m tall was completed in 2001.

3.) Great Buddha in the coiled Naga – Laos

Image Source

The Great Buddha in the coiled Naga is located inside the Xieng Khuan or Buddha Park. The park is located in Vientiane, the capital of Laos. This weird-looking and scary statue is 25 meters tall.

4.) Hanuman of Carapichaima – Trinidad and Tobago

Image Source

The colorful and unusual Hanuman of Carapichaima depicts Lord Hanuman, a Hindu deity and an ardent devotee of Rama. The monument is located in Trinidad and Tobago and stands 26 meters tall.

5.) Jolly Green Giant – USA

Image Source

If you’re an American, I am very sure you are quite familiar with this gigantic statue - the Jolly Green Giant. It is the mascot of a food company called the Green Giant food company of the US. This 17 meter tall statue is made of fiber glass and was erected in 1979 in Blue Earth, Minnesota, USA.

6.) Nagayon Paya – Myanmar

Image Source

The unique Nagayon Paya is a statue depicting Buddha sheltered by the Naga’s hood. It is located at Monywa, Myanmar. Nagayon Paya means Dragon-roofed-Buddha.

7.) Hanuman Murti – India

Image Source

Another tall statue constructed for Lord Hanuman is Hanuman Murti in New Delhi, India. As a usual depiction of this Hindu deity, this statue is quite colorful also and was erected in a busy street in New Delhi. The statue is 20 meters tall.

8.) Gomateshwara – India

Image Source

This statue which is quite vulgar in appearance is called Gomateshwara. It is also known as Bahubali. Based on Jain Scriptures, Bahubali was the second of the one hundred sons of the first Tirthankara, Lord Rishabha and king of Podanpur. This monolithic statue stands 18 feet high above a hill in Shravanabelagola, Kartanaka in India. This over 1000 year-old statue is popular to tourist and devotees worldwide and is recognized by Indian people as the first of Seven Wonders of India.

9.) Erawan Museum – Thailand

Image Source

Erawan Museum is located in Samut Prakan in Thailand. The museum is well known for its giant three-headed elephant art display. The elephant stands above a 15 meter tall building. The elephant itself stands 28.9 meters tall making the total monument height 43.8 m.

10.) Hanuman in Nandura – India

Image Source

This monumental statue called Hanuman in Nandura is the tallest statue that depicts Lord Hanuman. It is located in Maharashtra, India and stands 32 meters or 105 feet tall.

11.) Ten Directions Samantabhadra Bodhisattva – China

Image Source

The peculiar-looking Ten Directions Samantabhadra Bodhisattva is a statue that depicts Buddha – Samantabhadra. This 48 meters tall monumental structure is located in Mount Emei, Sichuan in China.

12.) Angel of the North – UK

Image Source

Of course this is not a human kite. It is the Angel of the North statue depicting an angel. This simplistic but unique work of art is located near Gateshead, Tyne & Wear in England, United Kingdom. It is 20 meters in height and was completed in 1998.

We may view some of the statues unusual-looking but for believers they are not. These monumental structures are amongst the tallest in the world. Hope you enjoyed this. Thank you!

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Fun and entertaining, thanks.

A great collection. So many unique statues from my

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Enjoyed all the unique pictures! Statue number one bothers me though.. I wonder why is christ broken there...