Traditional Longhouses of the World
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Traditional Longhouses of the World

A Longhouse is a unique type of long, narrow, single-room structure built by people from different parts of the world. Here are some notable examples of longhouses.

A Longhouse is a unique type of long, narrow, single-room structure built by people from different parts of the world.  Here are some notable examples of longhouses.

1.) Kwakwaka'wakw - North America

Image Source

The Kwakwaka’wakw is a longhouse built by Chief Mungo Martin in 1953. It is located in Thunderbird Park, Victoria in British Columbia, Canada. It is also known as Mungo Martin House. Some native Indians still practice potlatch and a very wealthy and prominent hosts would have a longhouse like this built specifically for potlatching and for housing guests. It is also called Kwakiutl.

2.) Viking Longhouse - Europe

Image Source

Longhouses were built in many parts of the world including Asia, Europe and North America. This type of house is usually long, narrow single room building. The above photo of a traditional longhouse is a Viking Longhouse.

3.) Mudhif Longhouse - Asia

Image Source

A Mudhif is a unique traditional longhouse made of reed by the Madan people also known as Marsh Arabs in the swamps of southern Iraq. The reeds used as material in building this house were harvested from the marshes where they live. A Mudhif is a large communal house for rent that can be use by guests as a gathering place for weddings, funerals and other occasions. A local shiek maintain the house.

4.) Mnong Longhouse - Asia

Image Source

This bamboo house with cogon grass roof is the traditional longhouse of Vietnamese ethnic group called Mnong. These people are subdivided into 3 groups and they have a population of approximately 95,451 people.

5.) Dartmoor Longhouse - Europe

Image Source

The Dartmoor Longhouse is a type of traditional home, found on the high ground of Dartmoor, UK. Construction of the earliest known Dartmoor longhouse is believed to have started in the 13th century. This type of longhouse, which was made of granite, still inhabited today while others have been converted into farm buildings.

6.) Longhouse of Iroquois - North America

Image Source

This Longhouse is built by native people called Iroquois of North America. It can be up to 100 meter long or more with a width of up to 7 meters. The walls were made of sharpened and fire-hardened poles and the roof was made of leaves and grass. Strips of bark were then woven horizontally through the lines of poles to form more or less weatherproof walls with doors usually in one end of the house.

7.) Sod House - North America

Image Source

The peculiar-looking Sod House was a variant to the log cabin during frontier settlement of Canada and the United States. Because prairies lacked wood and stone they used sod from thickly-rooted prairie grass as house material instead. This unique type of house is also called Soddy.

Prefabricated longhouses…

Nissen Hut

Image Source

The uniquely-designed Nissen Hut is a prefabricated steel structure made from a semi-circle of corrugated steel. This house, which is quite long, has minimal and small windows.

Quonset Hut

Image Source

These unique houses called Quonset Huts are lightweight prefabricated structure of corrugated galvanized iron having a semicircular cross section. It’s designed was based on the Nissen Hut. The name Quonset comes from the site where it was first manufacture –Quonset Point at the Davisville Naval Construction Battalion Center. Davisville is a village located in North Kingstown, Rhode Island in the US.

*Minangkabau Royal Palace - Asia

Image Source

Yes, this is a palace, a unique palace. It is the Minangkabau Royal Palace located at Pagaruyung, Indonesia. The palace is characterized by three roofs which rise in tiers; the first two rise laterally and the top room transversally. Extensions at either side add a further two roof forms.

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Ranked #12 in Architecture

Love that palace in Indonesia.

That Indonesian palace was my favorite too, and I liked the Mudhif. Thanks for the interesting read.

Ranked #11 in Architecture

A massive compilation of Loooong houses here Nobert, stumbled too.

These are great architectural designs :)

Minangkabau Royal Palace has a pointy roof. Also, I kept on reading this one Kwakwaka’wakw , is that really it's name?