Unique Modern and Traditional Houses
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Unique Modern and Traditional Houses

Houses types and styles vary greatly according to region, climate, culture and tradition

Houses types and styles vary greatly according to region, climate, culture and tradition

1.) Kashmir Houseboat

Image Source

These beautiful Houseboats are floating luxury hotels predominantly seen in Dal Lake in Srinagar, Kashmir. These unique establishments offer a wide variety of services besides the luxurious lodging and catering.

2.) Batak House

Image Source

The Batak people of Indonesia build unique-looking traditional houses called Batak Toba. The Batak traditional house in the above photo is located in north Sumatra.

3.) Static Caravan

Image Source

A Static Caravan, which is more popularly known as Mobile Home, is a prefabricated home built in factories rather than on site. This factory made house will then be taken to the place where it will be occupied. It can also be used for temporary accommodation on campsites.

4.) Omo Sebua

Image Source

This house is an earthquake proof structure. It was designed for defense purposes and was built for the chief of the village. It is usually located in the center of the village. The Omo Sebua is a traditional house style from Nias Island, Indonesia. The only access is through a narrow staircase with a small trap door above. The steeply pitched roofs can reach 16 meters in height.

5.) Adirondack Architecture

Image Source

The structure on the above photo which is a camp is an Adirondack Architecture. Structures like this usually used native building materials and sited their buildings within an irregular wooded landscape. These camps were built to provide a primitive, rustic appearance. Elements such as whole, split, or peeled logs, bark, roots, and burls, along with native granite fieldstone, were used to build interior and exterior components.

6.) Aul Houses

Image Source

This unique type of dwelling is typical throughout the Caucasus Mountain. Notable Aul houses can be found in Dagestan but the most recognizable Aul houses are those in Svanetia, Georgia. With their distinctive medieval towers, the Aul houses in Svanetia have been recognized as a World Heritage Site.

7.) Kaleva Bottle House

Image Source

Quite unusual but the walls of this unique house is made of bottle hence it was called the John J. Makinen Bottle House. It was constructed in 1941 by John J. Makinen Sr. in Kaleva, Michigan, USA. About 60,000 bottles were used in building this one-of-a-kind structure. It is also known as the Kaleva Bottle House, Kaleva Bottle House Museum, and Kaleva Historical Museum.

8.) Dogon Cliff Dwelling

Image Source

These unusual-looking houses belong to Dogon people, a group of people living in the central plateau region of Mali. Dogon people built their mud houses on cliffs .With a population of about 800,000, the Dogon are best known for their mythology, their mask dances, wooden sculpture and their architecture. This region of Mali is one of the country’s major tourist attractions.

9.) Motorized Houseboat

Image Source

Living in a Motorized Houseboat is probably a unique experience. This type of house is a motorized boat that has been designed or modified to be used primarily as a human dwelling. Some houseboats are not motorized because they are usually moored and kept stationary at a fixed point.

10.) Quinzhee

Image Source

A Quinzhee is a unique type of house in frigid and temperate regions of the world. It is shelter made by hollowing out a pile of settled snow. This is in contrast to an igloo, the traditional house of Inuits, which is made from blocks of snow. This house’s name is also spelled Quinzee.

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Interesting and unique house designs, kabayan.

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Unique houses and different environments, Great & Unique indeed Nobert.

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